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Company Pejkom d.o.o provides rental of sports grounds, with complete delivery and installation of the surface on site at your request. For promotions, events, short- or long-term usage, we deliver equipment to the site and perform complete assembly and marking of sports grounds.

The base consists of tartan tiles or artificial grass, up to 800 m² area, for basketball, volleyball, tennis ... and up to 900 m² for football fields with artificial grass.

We also offer synthetic ice (artificial), for indoor and outdoor skating all year round, as well as a mini golf course with equipment (9 lanes / holes with 10 clubs and 30 balls). We also rent complete nets and pillars for tennis and beach volleyball.

Dissembling and removal of the installed sports surfaces from the site is also done by our experts.
Multi terrain tartan (puzzle system) 800m². We offer marking of the field for basketball, volleyball, tennis, small football ...
Courts for basket 180 m²
Professional removable - plexiglass basketball board, with hinged hoop, safety cushions protection
Mini golf course City Basic 9 lanes / holes, 10 clubs, 30 balls
Beach volleyball court 12 x 20m
Volleyball poles, tennis and volleyball nets.
Soccer field of artificial grass 900 m². Playing games 4 + 1
Substructure for artificial grass, martinella, protective net


Renting Sport Surfaces

Company Pejkom - sports surfaces for indoor and outdoor terrains, as well as complete equipping of sports grounds with accompanying equipment.